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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Furniture

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Your furniture is an integral part of your home’s interior. It adds personalization, comfort, and life to your living space. However, the wrong arrangement can lead to chaos and leave you with a dysfunctional, cluttered, or empty-feeling living space. Proper furniture installation is all about finding a balance between style, space, and functionality. Planning your furniture layout before the arrangement can save you a lot of trouble, time, and money.

Here are five essential factors you should keep in mind when installing furniture in your home:


The first thing you need to consider before placing any furniture for your home is the space in your room where you want to put it. For example, if you have a smaller space, try incorporating multifunctional furniture such as convertible beds, sofas, and tables. Doing so allows you to use the space for other things when the furniture is not in use. Also, try to keep minimal furniture if the area is small since piling large or too many pieces of furniture makes the room look even smaller.


No matter the size and style of your space and furniture, it is of no use if it isn’t comfortable. Consider the areas where you and your family members spend the most time, whether it is your kitchen, dining area, or living room; ensure that the furniture is arranged in such a manner that allows everyone to sit and relax comfortably. Our advice is to spend more on a solid, well-made piece of furniture that you know will get daily use from the entire family. A well-made piece will endure the test of time.

Focal point

Every room has a focal point around which everything revolves. In a dining room, it is your dining table. In a living room, it can be your home theater system or fireplace. Identifying the focal point in each room makes it easier to plan your layout around it and install the rest of your furniture accordingly. It will bring harmony and cohesiveness to your living space.


Comfort and functionality are crucial when installing your furniture. However, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on aesthetics to achieve them. The best way to achieve aesthetics in any living space is to keep it simple, clean, and organized.

  • Leave space for you to move around the room quickly. Easy flow creates a more functional space.

  • Consider the decor items such as wall paint, wall hangings, rugs, and install your furniture so that they merge well with these items.

  • Ensure that your furniture is in alignment with the lighting fixtures in your room. For example, if you have a dressing table with a mirror, it should be in the opposing direction of the light, so the mirror gets appropriate reflection.


Another crucial consideration when installing a piece of furniture is how often you are going to use it. If you have a bit of furniture you use every day, you need to ensure it is easily accessible. Consider donating or selling furniture that is not used often or serves no purpose to make more space in your primary living spaces. Alternatively, you can place them in a less used room, such as the formal living room or basement.

Measuring First

If you plan on purchasing new furniture for an existing or contemporary room, you must consider what will fit best in that space. Buying an oversized, Arhaus couch for a room in a small cape cod is not going to work! Do your research for couches, chairs, and coffee tables and narrow down to 2 or 3 options you like the best. Once you have those options and all of their dimensions, stand in the room with your measuring tape to see how it all fits. We suggest using painter’s tape on the floor to visually see how certain or all the items will fit together. Then keep in mind numbers 1-5 above! Better to do your homework first, then spend money on furniture that doesn’t fit and/or work well with others.

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