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Rug Selection

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hi there!

Today, I, Monica, wanted to share with you a little bit about how rugs can bring transformation and beauty to your space. I recently purchased a beautiful rug from the Kellogg collection (see below,) and I absolutely fell in love with it! Its light colors immediately brightened up the space. I had a darker rug in my space before, and I wanted to lighten the room up a bit…this rug has totally done the trick!

You can use a rug, like I did, to brighten up a space! Many rugs have a light and dark side, especially fine, handmade rugs because of how they are woven. Even middle of the road rugs have a light and dark side. When you place the rug in your space, choose the side you like the most at the room’s entrance. This way, you are always showing off your “best” side, and it will make you happy whenever you walk into your space. Sometimes placing the dark side at the room’s entrance works better with your space’s décor because the dark side provides bold contrast. I chose the light side of my rug to be shown from the direction most people are entering the room because I like this side best. In my space, presenting the light side at the entrance to the room brings some soft, freshness to the room.

Often, dark spaces look and feel smaller, so open up your space and help it appear larger by choosing a bright rug! Creating a space that feels welcoming and open is so important, especially now, when we are spending so much time in our houses. Refresh and revive your space to create a space conducive for positive interactions with your loved ones at home.

A rug can also be a starting point for any design because it gives you colors to work with. For example, I used the rug’s pink and light blues to guide the colors of my new throw pillows I bought from Home Goods. I threw in some dark blue throw pillows as well to tie in the paint color on the walls. Finding a rug you love can make the rest of your design decisions a lot easier! Look for something that incorporates colors already present in the space or colors you would like to add more of in the future.

So you’re looking for a great rug…where can you find one? Two of our favorite local places are Senneh Knot and The Kellogg Collection. If you’re looking for inexpensive rugs, our go-to shops are HomeGoods and Homesense. Homesense has designer (like Ralph Lauren and Surya) and handmade rugs at a discounted price. You can even find handmade rugs from Turkey and the Middle East at Home Sense. If you’re looking to buy a rug online, a great website is Revival Rugs. Revival Rugs was born out of a desire for quality rugs sold at fair prices, and they operate out of the U.S. and Turkey. Revival Rugs offers one-of-a-kind, handwoven rugs sure to enhance any space. Another option for indoor and outdoor rugs is Annie Selke who owns Dash & Albert. They have many rugs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

Having trouble determining the right rug size? Take a look at the rug guide from Chairish below. A good rule of thumb is your rugs should never look like a postage stamp (i.e. too small for the room, space, or furniture around it.) You can find the full article on choosing a rug with the right dimensions for your space here.

Another great way to brighten up or inspire the design of a space is artwork. Art, like a rug, is a great base to build off of.

When designing any space, beginning with a solid base, whether it be a rug or piece of art, is always a good place to start.

Stay safe!



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