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Play Up the Vibe

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Recently, we had the opportunity to stage a condo at Henderson’s Wharf in Fells Point of downtown Baltimore. Occasionally, we use a space’s surroundings as inspiration for its design. Since Henderson’s Wharf is located in a nautical location, we decided to stage this space with a fishing port theme. We incorporated various tones of wood and light, airy colors, especially blues. The details of this space highlight its nautical location; we included shells and oyster plates to take the fishing port theme a step further.

Surroundings as Inspiration

We saw the building’s history as a great starting place for our staging inspiration. Henderson’s Wharf used to be an old tobacco factory and is now home to luxurious condos and a boutique hotel. The space overlooks stunning views of the Domino Sugar factory and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Not far from many of Baltimore’s finest seafood restaurants, Henderson’s Wharf is a unique space that called for a unique stage.

Other examples of using a space’s surroundings as a theme could be an industrial building or an old farmhouse. For the industrial building, we might use metal furnishings, and for the old farmhouse, we might incorporate art that features horses. Additionally, an old farmhouse might warrant the use of reclaimed wood or rustic furniture.

How can YOU play up the vibe?

Start by establishing a color scheme. You can do this by selecting a rug or a piece of art; pull out 2 colors and play off of those. Another important tip: when playing up a theme, be selective and decorate sparingly. This will keep your design from looking cutesy. Be thoughtful by finding accessories that have value and meaning to you (i.e. a family piece, reminder of a fond memory, or a fun souvenir from your travels). Not all pieces have to be a part of the theme; just use touches. The goal is to add inspired pieces to your space without overdoing it.

When in doubt, keep it simple; less is more. If you overload a space with furnishings, the flow of the room gets interrupted. When thinking about flow, consider how the room will be used and how traffic will naturally be directed through it.

The room’s purpose is an important piece to consider. Think about whether you would like your living room to be primarily used for entertaining or a family room used daily. Perhaps you would like to design your space with both functions in mind. Whatever your preference, consider the functionality of the space as well as its aesthetic when selecting pieces.

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Happy Designing!

Allison + Monica

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