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Patio Makeover

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Ever wonder how to transform your outdoor space into an incredible hangout spot? Our recent patio stage (check out the video above) gives you lots of practical tips for how to spruce up your exterior design, and we wanted to give you a snapshot of our process on our blog as well.

1. Start by Cleaning the Area.

Initially, we had the outdoor area power washed then painted with Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist. This color stood out to use because it coordinated nicely with the exterior of the house. Additionally, it mutes the colors of the fence, adding to the cohesion of the space.

2. Hang Some Lights!

We hung strings lights to create a warm, intimate setting. Another reason to use string lights is they make a space accessible both day and night. Looking to hang some string lights of your own? Here are some of our tips:

· Grab a ladder and a friend.

· Use a mason drill bit and concrete hooks to install hooks for the lights.

· Hang the lights high enough that people can still walk under them.

· Adding a little swoop makes your outdoor design fun, but you could also hang them tight for a more modern look.

3. Liven Up the Landscape.

Container gardens are a fantastic way to liven up a landscape. The items used in our patio stage are all from Home Depot. We picked a large palm as a base plant because of its vibrant green shade and texture. It feels so tropical! (Want to know more about container gardening? Check out this blog: INSERT LINK).

4. Furnishings

There are so many outdoor sets to choose from, so get creative! We often gravitate towards weather resistant sets because they are also practical. We got the dining set shown from Wayfair and the seating area from Target. We love incorporating outdoor pillows as well; they are a fun and easy way to add color and flare. Outdoor rugs can also help warm up and define an area, as you can see in this patio’s seating area.  

Overall, we picked bold colors that coordinated with the stained glass gate the owner had made and as well as her red door. (SIDE NOTE: this home went under contract in 2 DAYS! Exterior design matters, friends.) If you did one or all of those quick tips, you are ready to party!

Monica & Allison

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