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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for your Home

Updated: May 13, 2022

The first thing you notice when you enter a room is the color. The right color combination can change a dull and plain interior into a striking one. At e same time, the wrong ones can turn your living space into a thing of nightmares. Choosing the perfect color scheme is never easy as colors are very personal and subjective. However, some basic guidelines can help you select the ideal color palette for your home.

Here we lay down a few simple steps for choosing the right color palette for your home.

Understand the colors

A color wheel has primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The primary colors are pure colors that you can’t create. These are red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. You can create them by adding equal parts of 2 primary colors like equal parts yellow and blue make green. It’s where you begin the color selection.

Tertiary colors are a mixture of varying parts of secondary and primary colors that create different hues. You can add white and black to darken and soften these hues.

Know various color schemes

Use a color wheel to create your color scheme that best fits your personality. There are four kinds of possible color schemes.

  1. Monochromatic: Uses tone on tone of the same color with white or black to lighten or darken the color.

  2. Analogous: Uses colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel for a colorful and soothing palette. For example, you can use yellow with green or orange, or blue with green or purple.

  3. Contrast: Add drama to your interior. A common triad of contrasting colors is yellow-orange, green-blue, and red-purple.

  4. Complementary: For this look, you use two contrasting colors, such as blue and orange, together to create a dramatic, bold, and energetic color scheme.

Create your color scheme

There is more to a color scheme than just the paint on your walls. You can change the wall paint easily if it does not work. So, while choosing your color scheme, focus on elements like furniture, rugs, carpets, wall hangings, and other accessories. Once you have decided on all these things, then choose your wall paints.

Choosing the suitable wall paints

You should keep the following factors in mind when choosing the colors for your wall paint.

  • Test the tone: Try out the color tones and combinations with paint swatches and fabrics. You can also draw your room on paper and paint it to see how it would look once finished.

  • Order Samplize: is a site where you can order 12”X12” peel & stick paint samples from top paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and PPG. These large-scale samples help give a better sense of how a color will look in any room. We highly recommend this option for multiple reasons. First, it can be moved around to various areas in the home for easy viewing day and night. Second, it’s made with natural, manufacturer’s paint, so you’re truly seeing what you’re getting without existing wall colors creeping through. Third, this option is mess-free instead of slopping paint samples on different walls and cleaning up brushes. And finally, using these samples is less time-consuming and, ultimately, less expensive (costs approx. $6 to $8 per sample).

  • Focus on lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in how the paint would look in any room. The best way to accurately judge the color is during the daytime, when your room has abundant natural lighting. Go for lighter shades if your room lacks natural lighting.

  • Step back a little: If the idea of brightly colored walls and multiple color combinations seems jarring to you, step back a little and stick to neutral shades like whites, grays, ivory, and pale pastels and beiges.

About Poppy Production

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