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Home Staging Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

The year 2020 and 2021 have changed people’s perspectives towards their homes. It is still a sanctuary, yet these two years have shown that modern homes must be multifunctional and spacious. And these changing needs of a home are also reflected in the staging trends of 2022. Knowing these trends can help you better stage your home for your next open house.

Here are some upcoming home staging trends for 2022 you can try for your home.

Green interiors

Feeling close to nature has become more critical than ever. And what better place to do it than your home. Green interiors aren’t just about using natured inspired colors of green in your home. It is about bringing authentic greenery by adding indoor plants that complement the natural wood decor items you have. Plants like monstera, snake plant, palm are some plants you can add to your interior staging in 2022.

Multifunctional spaces

People no longer want to use one room or area of the house for a single purpose. They want to use them in multifunctional ways to make use of the space economically, like dividing the living room or dining room into an office space. Or using furniture that you can turn into multiple things. You can stage your home to become more multifunctional by adding innovative multi-use furniture and using vertical spaces.

Minimalism is here to stay

Minimalism is not a new concept but is still a trendy interior design among homeowners. And the minimalist staging is all about removing all the clutter and keeping only the essentials in the room. When you opt for a minimalistic style, the best look in staging is to use one or two main furniture elements, such as wood or metal, to keep it flowing.

Integrating office space into your home

With many people working from home, people want a dedicated workspace where they can devote their time fully towards work. To create office staging, you may need to add a few basics like a room or a dedicated area with minimal distractions and space to set up laptops and desktops. Keep the colors neutral, such as light blues, greens to promote focus and ensure the room has good connectivity. A dedicated storage area for office items is also a good addition.

Zen interiors

Being Zen is all about feeling centered in your space. Many people think one way to do that is to adopt sustainable practices of living. Adding environment-friendly designs to your staging can give your home the Zen vibe it needs. Introduce more organic and sustainable furniture and equipment to your Zen home.

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