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Hall Closet Clean Out

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Hi, friends!

As we all have more time at home, your cluttered hall closet(s) are screaming your name! Maybe your hall closet is full of gloves from the 80’s, a tool bag, or retro (old) jackets. Whatever your cluttered space may look like, we have been there, and we are here to help! Today, we cleaned out Monica’s closet and learned about one of Allison’s organizational methods. Below we offer 4 tips for how to declutter, develop an organizational plan, and use labels.

1. De-Emotionalize

Allison was able to help me, Monica, de-emotionalize decluttering. Oftentimes, old items have a nostalgic quality to them, making those items hard to get rid of. To de-emotionalize the decluttering process, invite a friend or family member over to help you. Not only will you have some extra hands to speed up the process, but you will have emotional support and a third party to help you LET GO of some of your old items. It’s time for some heavy-duty spring cleaning, friends. So, grab your buddy, and get started!

2. Ask Yourself…

Once you have your buddy, and you are ready to get your declutter on, ask yourself a few key questions about each item. First, have I used this within the past 6 months? If the answer is no, it is probably time to let that item go. Second, does this item belong here? Some items are necessary to hold onto, but they don’t belong where you found them. For example, Monica found her 2016 taxes in her hall closet. Should she hold onto those? Yes, probably. Do they belong in her hall closet? No, they should find a new home. By asking yourself these two questions, you will have a system in place to sort through your junk. Remember, your buddy is there if you need them. Enjoy some pictures of us cleaning out Monica's closet below.

3. Organize

You’ve finished sorting through your clutter…YAY! We are so proud of you. The next step is developing an organizational plan for your newly formed blank slate. Choose to include only things you use on a daily basis. Monica chose to include only her regularly used coats, a broom, an umbrella, and some bins containing her hats, gloves, and mittens. Maybe your essentials include some rainboots, sports gear, or sweatshirts. Whatever you use daily, choose to include in your hall closet. Monica placed her coats on hangers, her broom and umbrella against the wall, and her gloves, mittens, and hats in bins on the top shelf of the closet. Determine your organizational system based on frequency of use and accessibility.

4. Label, Label, Label

We took a look at Allison’s (previously) organized linen closet and got a glimpse of one of her favorite ways to organize…labeling! Labeling is a foolproof way to communicate to your kids, guests, and partner which sheets go where. (Pro Tip: If you want to learn how to fold your pesky fitted sheets, check out this video.) Allison used tape and a Sharpie to label her shelves with “King,” “Queen,” “Twin,” and so on for her sheets. With labels, there is no excuse for household members to mess up your decluttered, nicely organized hall or linen closet!

Grab your buddy, start decluttering, and create some labels for a freshly organized space!

Happy decluttering!

Allison & Monica

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