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Garden Statues

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Today we thought we would chat about garden statues and give you a look at the garden statues we have incorporated in our yards. Garden statues can add personality, fun, and an element of surprise to any garden or yard, and we want to give you a few tips on how to integrate garden statues into your outdoor design strategy.

1. Don’t go overboard.

Including too many garden statues can turn a yard into a gaudy spectacle and eliminate the wonderful sense of whimsy a few garden statues can provide. Pick some of your favorites and find another home for the rest. Monica included quite a few garden statues in her gardens, but she spread the statues out across different gardens to avoid going overboard. For example, her dreamy frog bird bath was in a different garden than her gorgeous Buddha planter.

2. Incorporate things you like.

Allison is a hugeee frog lover, so she chose to include multiple unique frog statues in her gardens. In one garden she included an iron sculpture of a frog on a lily pad while another garden featured a stone frog resting in her Woodland Poppies. Find garden statues you LOVE and choose to include those in your gardens. Seeing your favorite statues daily will evoke a feeling of joy, and the statues will make the plants and flowers around them appear that much more beautiful.

3. Make it personal.

One of Monica’s favorite garden statues, a stone heart planter, was found in Ireland, and the planter is extra special to her as her daughter was born on Valentine’s Day. Allison also included some special statues that had been gifted to her over the years. In one of Allison’s gardens, you will find a statue of St. Francis, protector of animals, which her neighbor gave her before moving. The more emotional connection associated with the garden statue, the more joy and satisfaction you will have seeing it in your garden on a regular basis.

Garden statues are an inconspicuous way to add some unexpected fun to your gardens. Next time you are looking to spice up your gardens and make your plants, flowers, and landscaping pop, consider exploring the world of garden statues. Call local landscape contractors for improving garden statues.

Need help selecting garden statues for your yard? Click HERE to set up a consultation!

Happy Gardening!

Allison & Monica

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