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From Artwork to Color Palette

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We have been staging A LOT of homes recently, and a common question we often receive is, How did you choose your color palette? Good news, friend! We have some tips for you. One of the ways we often decide how to pull a stage together is through art.

As you can see in the video above, we used three pieces of artwork to determine the first floor’s palette for this dreamy, beautiful home. We incorporated yellows, lots of tans and muted, neutral tones as well as touches of greens and blues. We wanted to give this home a light and airy feel while incorporating some pops of pink for a bit of springtime energy. Interested in learning how to use artwork to help you design a space? We’d love to offer some suggestions! Read our top 3 tips for getting started below.

1. Find your art.

When we start with art, we may initially think about the look and feel of the home, OR, most often, the realtor and/or owner simply want the home to look up-to-date and stylish. SOMETIMES they request a specific “look” they’re going for such as modern, traditional, modern farmhouse or a more stylish feel. After we receive this information, we choose the art accordingly. Art is subjective, but we feel if the colors, furniture and accessories are cohesive, art is inviting and creates a feeling of home. People can picture themselves living in a home vs. a house! Our next step is looking in our inventory and grabbing the initial piece(s) that jump out at us for the main living areas. The main colors in the piece(s) of artwork we select give us inspiration for choosing all the other design elements. These elements could include couches, chairs, rugs and pillows.

If you are re-designing your own home, find art that speaks to YOU. Even if you don’t know why you love a specific piece of art, if it speaks to you, go for it! Go ahead and use that piece as a focal point and inspiration for the rest of your space’s color palette. Using pieces you love ensures your space will come together beautifully and cohesively!

2. Use different shades.

Once you have your art and your color palette, it is time to start filling in the pieces! Not every piece has to be the same shade of a specific color. For example, in the video I mention we used browns, tans, and hints of blue in the living room as well as the dining room. dWhile we did use similar colors in both of those rooms, we used different shades. Using different shades provides contrast and some visual interest while still sticking to a consistent color palette throughout the space.

3. Marry the colors between rooms.

This part is SO MUCH FUN! We try to blend colors from room to room using artwork and other pieces as much as we can. In the video you will notice we tied in the subtle blue from the rug in the living room into the small details and dark blue rug in the dining room. We also incorporated yellows in both the living room and dining room. Marrying colors between rooms will create a sense of cohesion throughout your space.

Choosing your palette based on artwork makes staging and designing a space fun and simple. We hope these tips help get you started!

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