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6 Effective Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space

Updated: May 13, 2022

Lack of closet space is among the most common and relatable complaints. Often, the reason is overstuffed, unorganized closets that make it impossible to find something when you need it. Minimalism is in vogue, but most people still struggle to make the required changes to live a clutter-free life.

There are better ways to organize your space than mindlessly sorting through an avalanche of stuff. These six strategies can help you declutter your closet:

Remove the clutter

Start by isolating clothes, accessories, and shoes that haven't seen daylight in years. If you have recently lost or gained weight, there will be many pieces of clothing that won't fit anymore. If you have dresses that you only wear on special occasions, use air-tight closure bags to store them on the topmost shelf of your closet.

To maximize the use of every bit of space, opt for thinner hangers and get rid of the ones that come with your dry cleaning. Also, avoid stacking hangers unnecessarily as they take up a lot of valuable space.

Use the doors

You can hang your hooks on the closet doors to store pajamas, belts, scarves, and handbags. You can also line the door with sleek storage blocks for accessories and jewelry. Another alternative is to buy over-the-door organizers to store minor items of clothing such as tank tops, lingerie, and t-shirts. Make sure you get a professional home organizer, so you can identify what’s inside each pocket.

Add a dresser

If you have plenty of thin and pliable clothing like t-shirts, polyester shorts, pajamas, and workout wear, you can add a dresser to your closet. It’s an effective space-saver technique to store thinner clothes. Simply fold them in half and roll them into slim tubes. For more organization or separation of space for each member, tuck away rolled clothing into shoe boxes or wire baskets before placing them in the drawer.

You can also purchase drawer dividers to neatly store socks, tights, belts, and undergarments. They are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Use shelf dividers

Bulky knitwear clothes on hangers can leave annoying hanger dents. It’s also challenging to stack them with other clothes in the closet as they tend to tumble and teeter. Shelf dividers will save the day here. Buy sturdy shelf dividers so all your stacks stay neatly in one place. It also ensures easy access to your entire collection.

Pack seasonal clothing

Keeping all clothes in your closet can lead to a messy and chaotic closet. Instead, try swapping out your clothes every season and store off-season items in your attic or basement. It allows you the opportunity to declutter your wardrobe at least twice per year, so you can give away items you no longer wear.

Install more hanging rods

Most closets have only one eye-level rod for hanging clothes and maybe a shelf above it. Install a second rod in the dead space beneath it for hanging pants and shorter skirts. You can use it to store scarves and belts as well. It will double your storage space.

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