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7 of the Best Home-Staging Tips from Experts

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Staging your home to attract the ideal buyers has never been as crucial as it is now since your potential buyers will get a first impression through the photographs of the house. Photographers know how to put the best angle forward and make your place look spacious. But home stagers know how to make your home look larger than it is by bringing the most critical elements into focus. If you are considering selling your property, learning some home staging tips can really work out for you.

Let us see some of the best home-staging tips from experts!

Tip #1- Keep it Bright: Lights give the impression of your home being spacious and open. Natural lights are great for the first impression, but if your place does not have many windows, you can substitute the effect with hanging lights, lamps, and fixtures. Hanging mirrors that reflect light can also help.

Tip #2- Create Focal Points: Anything that attracts a viewer’s attention is the focal point of a room. If you have a fireplace, make sure other things in the room do not take away from its charm. If you have excellent countertops in the kitchen, keep them clean and shiny to draw your prospect’s attention. On the other hand, if you have small closets, make them look more spacious by removing large articles.

Tip #3- Remove Any Personal Items: Every buyer has the psychology that the place they are buying is brand new and has never had residents. If you are trying to sell your home, make sure you remove any personal items from plain sight. These items can include bathroom essentials, trophies, and personal photographs.

Tip #4- Reorganize: Cleaning the house and reorganizing is a crucial step, whether you are taking photos of the place or showing it to potential buyers. Cleaning and reorganizing makes the space look bigger. Further, no buyer wants to see their future home appear dirty.

Tip #5- Add Real Plants: A little greenery is always welcome to add a touch of freshness to the house. You can place spider plants beside the couch and small cacti on the coffee table.

Tip #6- Highlight Room’s Functions: Each room has its own functionality. However, we often have the tendency to clutter our homes. But if you are trying to sell the house, you will need to stage each room with its function as its highlight. For instance, remove toys from the kitchen and workout equipment from the master bedroom.

Tip #7- Accessorize: A well-furnished home speaks to the buyer and can make a big difference to the whole place without much investment. Throw in a piece of coffee table, cover the floor with rugs, and add more cushions to the couch to enhance its appeal.

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