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Poppy Production offers a range of landscaping services from hourly garden consultations to full phased plans and installation management. We specialize in rearranging, repurposing, and expanding existing gardens as well as starting from scratch. No matter what your budget or your pace, Poppy can help you achieve your yard goals by considering realistic commitments to maintenance, favorite plants, and environmental factors. A garden is an extension of your home. Often, it is an additional living space and we want to assist in making it a more enjoyable space.




SERVICES: Includes a master design plan with a suggested time line for blank landscapes whether it is for an entire property or a section of the property. Illustrations provided through  CAD or sketch and provide plant lists.  Plant selection, delivery, layout available.  Inquire about installation options.  

PRICING: Hourly rate, plus plant material and installation fees.



SERVICES: Using a home owners existing plant material as a basis, plans will be expanded upon by altering existing beds, reorientation of existing plants and additional plant materials.  An alternative to full-service is a garden rehab, which includes re-freshing/re-orientation of plant material.

PRICING: Hourly rate, plus plant material and installation fees.


SERVICES: Installation of seasonal plant material whether we use your existing planters or purchase new planters to compliment your home’s exterior. 

PRICING: Hourly plus plant material and planters (if applicable )


SERVICES: Verbal walk through with client. Gardening suggestion will be made to the client to record and execute.

PRICING: Hourly rate.


SERVICES: Exterior makeover including paint, light fixtures, hardware, garden bed design, plant selection, pots and installation. Curb Appeal consultation also available.

PRICING: Hourly rate, plus plant material and installation fees.



SERVICES: Poppy Production can take the hassle out of holiday decorating. We provide decorating services, from stringing up the outside lights, garlands, wreaths and trimming the tree. Whether using the homeowners existing decorations and lights or providing new materials.

PRICING: Hourly rate.

V. Ryn

Homeowner- Full Phased Landscaping Job

"I've been laboring over my new house for the last 3 years…but in just a few weeks you took it from a blank slate to an inviting, colorful, beautiful sanctuary, which makes me proud to call home.  You perfectly selected plants and trees that both suited the house, the neighborhood and my personal preferences.  I am truly blown away by what you have created, and deeply grateful  for the gift you have given the kids and me."

Iara Levicki

Homeowner - Interior Design and Landscape Job

I worked with both Allison and Monica when my family and I moved to Baltimore last year. Monica has a keen eye for interior design - helping us pick amazing artwork, fabrics and more throughout the home. In addition, Allison was great with our seasonal outdoor landscape. She brings our home to life, particularly during the holiday season! Happy to recommend them and their services."

Abbey Beadell

Homeowner - Occupied Stage and Landscape Job

"We worked with Allison at Poppy Production and cannot say enough what a great experience it was! She first had a consultation with us where she gave such great insight on how we might better arrange our existing furniture for staging purposes and then brought in her furniture and decor to supplement what we had and really tied everything together!

Not only did she help us finish the interior but she helped us with our exterior needs as well by coordinating with a landscaper and having our shutters painted. Both jobs were daunting for us and within a few days they were taken care of and the end result was beautiful!

We would highly recommend working with Poppy Production for your staging needs!"

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