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Allison Williams

Allison Williams

After taking a professional hiatus while raising my girls, I ventured back into the work field feeling somewhat apprehensive about what was ahead.  Even though I had been actively involved in planning, organizing and money management through multiple volunteer roles, I wondered how I would reposition myself in the work force and navigate through all the changes in business.


Given the opportunity 3 years ago to manage the marketing department of a local non-profit, LET’S GO Boys and Girls, I have coordinated events, redesigned and managed a website, raised public awareness through social media campaigns and produce a monthly newsletter.  To broaden my background in other aspects of business, I began to assist with the operations of a small business, Lindsay’s Southside Mix.  Convinced that this business of 25 years could expand and become more efficient, I was able to streamline the process, redefine advertising and expand the market by working directly with new customers. 


In an effort to continue a true path, I worked with a family looking for organization and a change in daily life management.  Over the last year, I have assisted them with a major downsizing project while working for 2 other businesses. Moving an 80 year old couple from a home of 60 years to a one bed room apartment in a retirement home was no easy task but I loved being a part of the journey. I continue to help the couple transition into their new life in addition to helping their son prepare his home for a sale. This process included a major kitchen renovation, plans for interior updates, de-cluttering and home organization.  It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to see this elderly couple in a safe place and help their son start the next chapter of his life.


Raising two girls is a life passion on its own. Another of my driving forces is my love of gardening and home landscaping. From my first job as a 5th grader, weeding for an elderly neighbor to redesigning my own yard, I have worked with friends and families to up grade their own.  My expertise is to redesign and repurpose gardens big and small. I am an active member of the Hardy Garden Club and I am in the process of obtaining a Landscaping Design Certification from Ashworth College.

Using my gardening, organizing and design talents, I began helping a businessman with his rehabs and real estate listings. I started home staging and designing landscapes for the properties to boost the interior and exterior curb appeal. Later I was approached by another real estate agent with a need for a stager capable of being flexible and that could provide inventory for vacant homes. I decided then to expand my business model. At that point, I approached my good friend, Monica, that was like–minded about partnering and that was the beginning of Poppy Production. 


Poppy Production is a full-service staging, organization, home and garden design, and event planning business

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