Poppy Production specializes in designing stylish, appealing and organized interior and exterior spaces. By simplifying, reworking and redecorating, we make a home shine to its highest potential. Our goal is to provide our clients useful, efficient services that not only increase a home’s value but also improves the functionality of daily home life and create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing.

About Us

Allison Williams
Monica Maslack

Hi, I'm Poppy! And I'm the happiest, go-luckiest, loviest lab in the whole wide world! I like eating, swimming, lots of love and kisses and scratches and belly rubs, and eating, running, playing, chewing on sticks, licking people I like, riding the waves at the beach, and did I mention eating yet? My family named me after the flower, called a Poppy, because my mom loves all kinds of beautiful flowers. And her friend Al loves them too, so it was there and then that they decided to call their business Poppy Production! And besides, who doesn't love a good ol' loyal lab?! The perfect dog for any business's name sake, especially one as pretty as me:)


 Serving Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Annapolis, MD and Surrounding Areas

allison@poppyproduction.com   443.632.4577      monica@poppyproduction.com   443.904.0194 

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